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Armenian Museum will be the first museum in the United States expressly dedicated to promoting the progression, preservation and study of all that is Armenian…. Armenian History, Culture, Literature, Arts, Music and our Armenian Language.
To construct The Armenian Museum, which is expected to cost $50 million and is scheduled to open on the July 11, 2015, the Executive Committee has directed that the Armenian Museum Foundation join in partnership with the Armenian people of the World. Federal Grants and Founding Sponsors will be contributing $10 million to the project and providing construction of 3 buildings on an estimated 27 acre site to be announced in Los Angeles County, while the remaining $40 million is expected to come from the private sector.

This partnership has resulted in a joint public/private venture between the Armenian Museum Foundation and Armenian Museum Incorporated, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. The Secretary of Armenian Museum Incorporated has designated the Armenian Museum Foundation as the official fundraiser for the Capital Campaign for The Armenian Museum. Accordingly, the Foundation will lead the campaign in raising from among individual Armenians, corporations and other foundations the $40 million that will fund the 250,000 square foot main exhibit building, main church, private cultural school with amphitheater, and memorial gardens. Also included is a state-of the- art 150,000 square foot Museum Support Center that will be devoted to the restoration and conservation of Armenian artifacts and exhibit development.


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